My carreer as a musican started when I was 17...

I played in bands like:

“No Name”

“Psycedelic Resource”



“The Hoshis“ (current coverband)


There hasn´t been real highlights, but we played as a support act to Hannes Bauer and Birthcontrol. Besides some radio stations in northern Germany played some songs from us...

But the main thing was to have fun!!!

"Nevertheless"-CD release in 1996


My new project is called J.A.M., the new CD (Around the World) is currently produced by Jockel Lüdeke and me and is expected to be released in autumn by Twilight (seller). Actually it was produced for a TV production which was unfortunately not successful.

That´s why we want to advertise the modified version by ourselves.

For audio sample click here:



Pictures of war




Around the world

So Proud


Kick Ass